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  1. you know what is still funny? animaniacs. i got the season 1 dvd and have been watching episodes tonight. NARF!

  2. i am disappointed though – the brain stem song wasn’t in season one. that is my favorite.

  3. i just saw that one last night! i was singing along to all of the songs and the theme song (each of the four times it played – you can’t really skip it because you need to see how that one ends…)

    i wonder why they stopped making animaniacs…

  4. actually, i looked up animaniacs on wikipedia. turns out too many adults liked it. it was getting the wrong viewership demo.

    and i watched serenity the other night. it was pretty good. would it have made more sense if i would have seen the series?

  5. i’ll have to add it to my blockbuster queue. of course, it’ll be behind big love, entourage and the 4400…

  6. btw, i think releasing tv series on dvd is the best thing ever. at least until you catch up to real time…

  7. i’ll have to add it to my blockbuster queue. of course, it’ll be behind big love, entourage and the 4400…

    NONONONONONONONONONO… you have to watch it FIRST. It’s better than all that crap.

  8. well, i can really only put it in front of the 4400… i already have entourage and big love.

  9. I love the fact that you can get a whole series on DVD. You don’t have to give a kidney for cable, and you can watch them back to back to back. . .

    but off topic, i’ve noticed that my lovely little colorado town has something over 15 nail salons. Now, I’m not sure who the brain child was behind the one called “fossil nails” but that’s not a word I want to describe any part of my body. They were previously called “hi fi nails”. hrm.

    and why do we have so many nail salons?

    about your favorite team, npr had a story about what it’s like to root for the phillies. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11326872

  10. <blatantly non-PC comment> I didn’t think the Asian population was that high in your area.</blatantly non-PC comment>

    We had a lot of nail salons here for a while but a good number of them have gone out of business because the concentration was just too high — and because they stink to high heaven most of the time. Some of the ones at the lower-end malls are the worst. I can remember one where you’d look in and there’d be six to ten women all working on peoples’ nails at these little tiny table, all wearing face masks to protect themselves from the fumes they were inhaling all day. Family business or no, I’d’ve been applying at any other store at the mall at that point.

    Wow. That story about the phillies is just filled with vitriol. Nasty. The blurb says that he’s a Phillies fan and then he starts the interview by saying he hates the Phillies. He then says he stays with them to see if they’re dead yet.

    The best line is that people who switch their team allegiances go to hell. I’m not sure which I’d like to see him do more.

  11. we do have a high population of mexican immigrants. . .there’s my non pc comment for the day.

  12. but isn’t part of being a phillies fan (or any philly sports fan) that you must possess a light hatred for your own team? i thought thats what made us us.

  13. Yes and no – there’s looking at the team and saying, “Jesus, Burrel’s pitching under 200 since May 30th and we’re paying him a shitload of money, management still hasn’t fixed the pitching and bullpen problems and every time they start to, someone gets injured in a big way, and it just doesn’t feel like the ownership really wants to put together a winning team. Manuel still hasn’t figured out how to manage in the NL and I don’t think he’s going to – Gillick really should’ve cleaned house and he didn’t and that’s pathetic.”

    Then there’s being introduced as a Phillies fan and starting your interview with (paraphrase) “I hate the Phillies. I’ve hated them since I was a kid. I only check the scores in the paper to see if they’re dead yet.”

    If you don’t respect the ownership and/or the management and you know in your heart of hearts regardless of how well they’re playing in June they won’t be playing in October, but you still watch the games and can appreciate when a player or players are playing the game well, that’s being a Phillies fan.

    If you don’t watch the games, sing the praises of other “loveable” losers like the Cubs and trash the Phillies, and state on national radio that you hate them and you always have, I’m pretty sure you don’t count as a fan anymore. The real fans aren’t going to have anything nice to say about you, the team’s not even benefitting from your almighty dollar, you’re just a loudmouth with a Philly birth certificate.

    In fact, I’ll take it a step further — you might as well pick up allegiance to another team at that point, even if it would send you to hell because you sound like a Mets or Atlanta fan living in Philly. We don’t need those kinds of fans, no matter how bad the team’s doing. That ain’t love, brother.

  14. oh my goodness, yes to the pretty nails. I had a number of adolescent latina students who took the idea of makeup to an art form. They offered to “fix me up” and I had nightmares about industrial solvents for a week. I never took them up on it.

    By the way, this was the same one of my students offered to fix me up with his cousin; when I asked him why I should date his cousin, the student told me, “well, he speaks English pretty good and can fix cars.”

    I think I did pretty well with the one I got and don’t regret passing up the mechanic.

  15. In other news. . .

    I’m going to kill the microsoft gnome that lives in my computer. Now, I had issues with the paperclip, I had concerns about the wizard, but when I find the gnome, he’s dead. Here’s why.

    Office 07 sucks. About the only advantages I can see to it are that a) I can save files as pdfs and b) it supposedly will autoformat a bibliography in APA style.

    Still, that doesn’t make up for today’s adventure in which the gnome decided I was smart enough to do my own spell checking. Maybe it was because I switched from the default font to Times New Roman. Maybe it just got tired of my 30 page document. No amount of changing preferences or clicking on set up options could get my spell check powers back. I even resorted to the help menu, and I swear I could hear the little bastard laughing at me.

    I finally ended up clearing all the formatting out, which restored my spell check powers but meant spending considerable time getting the underlining and other formatting in. So when I find the office gnome that lives inside my machine, he’s going to get some serious reformatting.

    The good news is that the great big gooey mess in need of an editing firehose is in my prof’s inbox; it’s okay, she wanted the rough draft.

  16. Okay, I’ve gotta ask – are this mexican-americans running the nail places then, or are the asian-americans, or is someone else? (want to know exactly how many horrible stereotypes to throw out.)

    I read the first paragraph as “I’m going to kill the microsoft game that lives in my computer” and for a few moments couldn’t figure out why you’d buy a Microsoft game or why you’d be surprised if it wrecked your computer.

    Office gnomes are bad too. I haven’t been subjected to the new version of Office yet because a) they’re not bringing out the Mac version until something like October and b) my office just upgraded to the last version recently. But yay for getting your rough draft in!

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