Babble Thread?

Pour un babbler. Or is it une babbler? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have learned a foreign language reliably at some point in my life?

19 thoughts on “Babble Thread?

  1. Une is the feminine, isn’t it? Is babble masculine or feminine?

    Wait, never mind – that sounds like an invitation to a gender stereotyping disaster.

  2. hey… i don’t babble all of the time. just some of the time. well, maybe all of the time.

  3. “Babbler” is a noun, last I checked.

    Though now I see where you’re coming from — I said “babble” is feminine. “Babble” is also a noun, you know… the verb form “to babble” would be gender-neutral until it had a subject.

    “The babbler babbled nothing but babble.”

    For clarity’s sake, I should’ve said “babbler” is feminine, though I stand by my original statement as also accurate.

  4. Hypothetically, a verb could be gender-specific if it referred to an action that only one gender could perform. Like… menstruate. I would’ve also suggested inseminate, but the invention of the turkey baster neutralized it. How about… teabag?

  5. ah, i see. i was just going with the whole french thing of words ending in -er being infinitite verbs, thus I thought you said “for one to babble” not “for the babbler”

    mea culpa :)

  6. hmmm. off topic. i’m designing a mosaic for the school. ya know. where the bushes that said BEARS used to be until…well. someone decided to make them say penis the day of homecoming…and so they completely took them out…
    but. i have no idea what i want to include in it….and of you boyertown alumni have any suggestions????

  7. Wait, a mosaic’s a painting on a wall, consisting of multiple related images, right? Want to make sure I’m not confused. Painting the ground, are you?

  8. no. what you describe is a mural.
    a mosaic is when you take a bunch of broken tiles and stuff. and make them look like a cool picture

  9. Ooh! Ooh! Do a GIANT DUCK! Yeah!

    or maybe a bear, since that’s the school’s mascot.

    Or a bear shaped like a penis! It’d be historical! Oh wait, the school’d probably block that one.

    Paw prints would work, as would a massive football, or a bunch of sports equipment, or ummmmm just the word bears?

  10. Yeah i think i’m gonna do the word bears and then surround it with a football bear and maybe a music bear and stuff….

  11. I’d put good money on the idea that if basschica’s designing it, the bear will play the string bass. Something about smuggling your interests into your art.

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