Redesign, sort of, again.

I got tired of the bricks. There was way too much purple. And while this blue might be, well, really blue, I like it better.

Anyway, a few tweaks to page layouts, especially on single-post/comment pages — didn’t like having the comments fields being as wide as the window because, well, that’s crappy design for one thing. It’s going to look a bit weird especially on comic pages where the content is centered and most especially if you have a high screen res set (nighthawk) but life is all about compromise.

Meanwhile, toys: directly below the box where you type your comments, you’ll see a preview of your comment display while you type. (Note: it doesn’t automatically color your links.) Also, there’s a checkbox where you can subscribe to receive email when a thread where you posted a comment receives more comments — similar to the “notify” feature of the old forum. That’s for those of you who loved the notifications on the forum and can’t/won’t use the comments RSS to keep track of new comments.

I have a comic in the queue for Tuesday – whoo! It’s not Night Fugues, though, sorry. We’ll get there.

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