Online Comics Day 2007!

Online Comics Day!

I got so caught up in helping with the Online Comics Day site that I barely got my comic done in time. As for me, I’m just grateful to have an opportunity to say thank you to the comic authors that have consistently made me happy over the years. Thanks, folks.

Oh, and you can find the list of comics I read here.

7 responses to “Online Comics Day 2007!”

  1. peri_renna says:

    Wait, so Lila isn’t the comic nerd of that pair? Huh.

  2. kirabug says:

    Actually, I suspect they’re both comic nerds. In this strip the darker of the two speech bubbles is actually Lila.

    (Hrm, forgot those were the original colors I used. Oh well, someday when I do a book I’ll make them all consistent…)

    But Lila’s capable of seeing them as stories and Marin sees them as people. Lila would have to be suffering from some serious stress/pms/alcohol/etc. to cry at the events in a comic. Marin would just have to be awake.

  3. peri_renna says:

    I was actually talking about Lila and Rex. ;)

    (Oh, and belated Online Comics Day thing – should I just register and comment with it?)

  4. peri_renna says:

    Oh, and #6: Mulitply by two. :P

  5. basschica says:

    haha. this comic made me literally laugh out loud. …part of this could be because its almost 2 am. but still its funny. i like it. :)
    happy belated online comics day…

  6. jzimbert says:

    Refresh my memory: is Online Comics Day always May 5th, or the first Saturday in May? Because if it’s always Saturday, shouldn’t we lobby to move it to a day when people with office jobs might actually… ya know, see other people and tell them about it?

    On a related topic, am I right in my belief that there is no Wikipedia entry for Online Comics Day?

  7. kirabug says:

    Online Comics Day is always May 5th. I don’t know if there’s a Wikipedia entry. There is a Comixpedia entry. I don’t know if a Wikipedia entry would survive, considering the problems the online comics community has been having with Wikipedia.

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