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  1. Hey Millersville alumni – did you see that your school is in the news?

    It seems they did not award someone their teaching degree because of a myspace picture. hmm.

  2. Wow, that totally sucks. I’d sue too. What is it with schools and the MySpace hating? I read a story yesterday about a Catholic school that’s making all students and parents sign an agreement at the beginning of the year that the student will not have a MySpace page. Not even if they only access it at home. If a kid already has one, they’re supposed to delete it, or they can’t attend the school. I can’t imagine the fit I would throw if my (future) kids’ school(s) tried to start controlling their after-hours life.

    Also, I wish to rant about the impending death of internet radio. Bad! How do you post a link on this thing?

  3. Double post! Wait, how does Millersville know Ms. Snyder was drinking alcohol? It’s not like it was a beer can or a bottle of vodka. Also, wasn’t she 25 at the time the picture was taken? I’m pretty sure that’s legal in most states. Even while wearing a pirate hat.

  4. i agree with you. i was talking about it with my wife (a teacher) last night. she actually agreed with millersville. she thinks teachers need to be held to a higher standard. like they are role models or something like that.

  5. If she already was a teacher, I think I’d agree with your wife too – but Millersville can’t bust a 25-year-old for glorifying underage drinking. If she got her Teacher’s License and then nobody would hire her because of her Myspace photos, well, at that point it’s the choice of the schools and within their rights to choose their employees based on publicly available information. But preventing licensing seems like too much to me. I’m having trouble believing that she’s the only drunk-teacher-photo on the ‘net.

  6. I don’t see why teachers shouldn’t be allowed to be people. If a kid sees his teacher having fun driving, then goes home and steals Mom’s keys and wrecks the minivan, should the teacher be held accountable for that?

  7. dont you know that its now the teachers responsibility to teach values and morals to the yungins? parents don’t do that anymore.

  8. Nobody taught me any values or morals, and I turned out just fine. Oh, crap, here come the police again.

    On a side note, a co-worker sent me a link to the Millersville story, because of the pirate angle. It’s good to have a reputation, I guess. Arrr!

  9. He had no clue it was my alma mater. As soon as I saw the headline on the story, I started laughing. I swear, you talk like a pirate ONE DAY out of the entire year, and they never let you forget it.

  10. sure, his noodliness works lawsuits. especially those related to the education system!

  11. in most cases, yes. but i am in the non-capital sect. we dont capitalize much.

  12. Sorry, I was temporarily in the all-capital sect. Then I decided I don’t like loud sects.

    Wait, what did I just say?

  13. you know, with nh’s avatar that small, it kinda looks like a monkey. (of course, that could just be me…)

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