Has Leopard fallen into a Copland-Vista Conundrum?

Here’s an interesting article comparing the delay of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to stalled code for OS 8 (Copland) which never appeared, and to the delays of Microsoft Vista. It’s fairly well-blanaced and makes some interesting points, though it’s got a visible Mac bias. (You can’t bash Microsoft’s hardware record based on the Zune without mentioning their insane success with the XBox line, for example).

I’d totally back Microsoft doing a full rewrite of Windows from a stable base up. It really did wonders for the stability of the Mac and it would certainly plug a significant number of the security holes in Windows. The risks are so great, though, that I have trouble believing Microsoft would actually do it. Maybe as a side-project with clear acknowledgement that it’s not going to be compatible with Win 98-level legacy code…

Anyway, a good read, worth checking out.

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