Pearls Before Breakfast

I’d seen a few headlines on various websites regarding a brilliant classical musician (who I’d honestly never heard of) disguised as a street musician playing in a Washington DC train station, but I hadn’t stopped to read them. Today, I saw a link to the article again, and stopped to read it… and I’m glad.

You should read it too.

12 thoughts on “Pearls Before Breakfast

  1. i think that is interesting. and to be honest, I would probably notice him and might even drop a dollar in. but i probably wouldn’t stop long.

  2. I’d like to think that I’d stop, but really it would depend on how late I’m running. And since I’m usually running late, I probably wouldn’t stop long.

  3. I don’t think I would have noticed. I watched the videos, and the music really didn’t appeal to me. Now, if he had busted out some Charlie Daniels…

  4. Blasted firewall’s kept me from watching the videos. But I’m a sucker for a violin, so I’m relatively sure I’ll like it.

  5. where the eggs local? and by local i mean from the vicinity near the faboo radiactive materials?

  6. still trying to figure out this blasted web 2 point 0 thing-a-ma-jig. its difficult for us old timers.

  7. There isn’t a bit of web 2.0 on this site. CSS2, maybe a little, HTML 4 and PHP 4, yeah, but no web 2.0 javascripty server sided crap here.

    Unless you’re one of those hippies that think blogs are web 2.0 by default ;)

  8. i really enjoyed that article. and …i’d like to think i would stop. infact. i’m pretty sure i would stop. especially since he was so good. i have a hard time understanding how so many people just walked right by him. but i guess people who have a great appreciation for that type of music are in the minority. the article brought up some really good points though. :)

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