I am off today.

I’d forgotten that I was off until around Tuesday I think, so this is almost like a bonus vacation day. But considering I worked late the back half of the week anyway, I think it’s good I’m off because I feel like crap from being so exhausted.

Anyway, JessieDog and I are sofa-surfin’. It’s cold and grey out (very September) and I’ve got lots of chore-like things I should get done before Nighthawk gets out of work in a few hours. I’m also thinking of working on the comic and/or the website (actually the site’s got more of my attention because I have comics for tomorrow and and Tuesday in the queue already — leftovers from vacation) and I haven’t played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in like a week and I want to get back to it.

So I’ve got a 4 day vacation going with the first one all to myself and it’s pretty cool. I’ll be checking the forum most of the weekend if you feel like stopping by.