Paint, and such.

So I can finally move my arms and legs without pain. That’s a nice start.

Last Tuesday we moved into the 2nd bedroom we finally finished in January so that we could start working on our bedroom.

Our bedroom is 18×14, with a walk-in closet that’s at least 6×6. It’s freakin’ huge. Literally half the 2nd floor. And it’s lavendar. With lime green carpeting. So of course, that had to go.

And since once a year the condo association parks a huge dumpster outside for the whole development to use, and that “once a year” was last weekend, well, it had to go then. With the help of my dad and Nighthawk’s parents, we tore out the lime green carpet and the used-to-be-white yellow shag carpet that we found underneath it. We scraped the remains of the carpet padding off the flooring using a flat-nosed shovel, and filled at least two garbage bags. Then, just to make sure we were thorough, we tore out all the door trim and baseboard.

So needless to say, the first time I woke up this morning (at 4 am) I could about move.

This evening I bought the primer, ceiling paint, and wall paint necessary to go from lavendar to cayman blue (to match the second bedroom). Sometime this week I’ll patch the wallboard where necessary and sand so that I can paint this weekend.

In the meantime, today’s life lesson came while I was driving to work. It’s a twofold lesson, really.

Part one: While driving safely but at a brisk 75 mph pace in the left-hand lane down the highways of Pennsylvania, do not assume that the black car you just passed that looks like a Lincoln Town Car / limousine with the tinted windows and the heavy frame is in fact a limousine, because it may be an unmarked police car.

Part two: If you happen to be driving safely, but at a brisk 75 mph pace in the left-hand lane and pass an unmarked police car that looks like a limo, it’s handy to have some other idiot weaving through the much-more-crowded center and right-hand lanes going at least 80 mph, because the officer of the law is much more likely to go after that guy.

Or, to steal a phrase from my uncle, “Drive like an asshole, you’re gonna get hurt.”

Now it’s almost Tuesday and I just uploaded Saturday’s comic, so I’m going to bed. Sleep well, and drive safely.