Playing Catch-up

So I didn’t go to bed at 3:30 the way I said I was going to. I stayed up to grab a shower and did a little more writing before finally crashing around six. Slept until ten, got up, and sat around like a catatonic vegetable until it was time to go out to dinner with Matt. Had a great time there – something I definitely want to do again – and now I’m home again home again jiggidy jig.

Problem is that my plan was to nap this morning so I’d reset my sleep cycle and crash tonight around 9 or so, but here it is, 9:00, and I’m wired like my neighbor’s Christmas lights due to all the caffeine I ingested at the Red Lobster.

So, we’ll see where this takes me. I still have 19,000+ words to write. I’ve written about a third of that in one sitting in the past. ‘Course, it was horrible horrible melodramatic crap, but it was words, and I built a pretty damn effective story out of those words later.

This post? I’m priming the pump, getting the synapses firing and all that. Time to go smack some characters around.