Sooo tired.

So let’s see, since the last update, I’ve:

  • put together the compound mitre saw only to discover that it doesn’t run. Still have to investigate that.
  • baked a total of five pies and four custards, two of which have already been eaten by the crowd at work
  • painted the baseboard
  • wrote around 6,000 words in the novel, leaving me with only 22,000 or so to go
  • procured Bob. Bob is this year’s turkey. Bob is sitting on the bottom of the fridge sulking at the moment.
  • gotten way too little sleep.
  • locked myself out of the house this morning such that I had to wait for my husband to drive home from work and unlock the door so I could get my keys, so that going to work was even an option
  • been damn cold, probably because of all the unexpected outside time today
  • decided to go to bed early.

It’s not looking likely that I’m going to succeed at NaNoWriMo. That isn’t to say that I’ve given up, but with just over a week to write just under the allotted word count, and totally knowing that I’m too tired tonight and too busy Wednesday and Thursday, it’ll be one hell of a challenge. But then, only 6,000 of the 42,000 people who tried last year succeeded, and I’ve already written well more than I have on any other piece of fiction I’ve written ever, so I’m not going to kill myself either.