And, dammit, I’m awake again.

So I slept from just after three to just after 8:30 if you excuse the five or so minutes I was groggy in the middle of the night when Nighthawk let the dog out. At 8:30 she decided she wanted to be awake and outside, so I got up with her and tried to nap on the sofa. Failed, but at least it was a try.* Meanwhile said dog just came in, and she’s snoring on the sofa.

I’m trying not to be angry that the dog’s asleep when I’m awake, since I wanted to be asleep when she was awake. I might just wake her up three or four times today just for the sheer evil fun of it.

Just read through my morning comic trawl and now I’m debating whether to launch into homework or make a food shopping list. Maybe I’ll work on the site design, or maybe I’ll work out. If I work out, maybe I’ll fall asleep by 6 tonight. That might be fun. I might even get tired enough that way to sleep on this sofa.

*to all the guests I ever subjected to this horrible-for-sleeping sofa, I offer abject apologies. This thing’s only comfortable for sleeping if you’re running a fever of 102 and can’t move from the exhaustion anyway.