Warning: Mushy

On January 10th of 1993, a sixteen year old girl with mouse brown hair and almost no self-esteem accompanied a sixteen year old boy with mouse brown hair and a great sense of humor to the boy’s grandfather’s house for a family birthday party. Later that night, they started holding hands, and decided that they were “dating” as compared to “going on dates”.

(They hated the whole dating scene, particularly its vocabulary. “So are you two seeing each other?” “Well, neither of us is blind…”)

Thirteen years later, they’ve made it through high school graduation, school in different countries, college graduation, weddings, funerals, at least ten different jobs, and thirteen years by each other’s side.

The author wishes to note that she’s not capable of expressing this love by drawing, because her skills are inadequate. Her writing skills are equally too cheap and base to waste on an attempt to capture this love.

Someone must’ve said once that it takes a lot of hard work to be this lucky. It takes a lot of luck to get the opportunity to work this hard.

Tomorrow’s another day – another day like today and the day before and the day before that, when love grows quietly and carefully, flowing through our lives. The tenth isn’t a special day, but just a marker reminding me how special every day is.

Happy happy!

Today is a special day for four reasons:

  • I got my new graphics software in the mail.
  • Today’s the first day of my 10-day vacation from work.
  • Today is JessieDog’s x+4 birthday – four years ago today we adopted her from the Chester County SPCA, where she had no tags, no collar, no owner, a bladder infection, and a cold. She’s feeling much better now. :)
  • Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day that Nighthawk and I were married.

The last one is the most beautiful. Five years ago I thought that I could never be as happy as I was that day, but every year that we’ve been together has compounded that happiness into something stronger than it was the year before. I love being Nathaniel Gibson’s wife, and I love him more than I could possibly express in words, let alone in words typed out on a blog.