A few quick notes and a babble thread

  • I’m about halfway through a five day weekend (well, a little more than halfway) and having a great time. Last night was the first night in about two weeks that I wasn’t having work-related stress dreams all night. Blame the time off or the Tylenol Sinus Nighttime, but it was sweet either way.
  • Made a few more tweaks to the page the design because I didn’t like the purple in the sidebar. Still might change it again — too bright, guys? Also, will be adding avatars to the posts soon I think.
  • Spent Friday just chillin’ and Saturday doing chores. Today we went to my folks’ for a picnic, played some wiffle ball and watched a thunderstorm. Tomorrow, more chillin’, and Tuesday I think will be part video games and part catching up on phone calls I need to make. Wednesday’s back to work.
  • We’re three comics deep in the queue. It’s a nice change.
  • Is anyone else playing Puzzle Quest? Is the plot boring the hell out of you? It’s like, okay great there’s a plot, but it’s just a thing to set up the next battle. That’s fine if you’re in it for the battles, which I am, but wow, the plot’s just booooring. Just sayin’.
  • Feel free to babble in this thread.

Babble Thread?

Pour un babbler. Or is it une babbler? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have learned a foreign language reliably at some point in my life?