20 thoughts on “Babble Thread!

  1. in case anyone is interested, google directions on google maps from anywhere in the US to London. just make sure you can doggie paddle.

  2. can the undead sue? (which I am assuming you would have to be since you plan on being active when you die)

    and you would probably have to go to night court – so say hi to bull.

  3. It says “swim across the atlantic ocean” not “drown”. If you drown, you failed to followed their directions, and thus have no grounds upon which to sue.

  4. seems that way. funny part is, you can type in any us city and any european city and it will give you similar results. basically, from the us you go to boston and swim to france.

  5. Yeah, but it doesn’t work for the Pacific, which is kind of funny considering that sometimes you really can walk to Russia from here.

  6. aha! peri-renna (and anyone else who cares), the tag for strikethrough on here that everyone can use is <strike>! I knew there was a way!

    just like when you want to quote someone, the tag is <blockquote>

  7. strike

    guess im out.

    g’night all (or good morning depending on what time you read it)

    (oh yeah, heroes comes back in one week!!! woohoo!)

  8. Would y’all mind if I shrunk the allowed sizes of the avatars and deleted your existing ones? I think I want to cut them to 50×50.

  9. that works for me too (i’ve already shrunk it as a test). Does anyone know how I can my avatar transparent? I am thinking I lack the necessary tools here at work to do it. MS Paint sucks.

  10. today’s the day i get my tattoo! woohoo! (surprisingly I am not that nervous about this. i think i’ve gotten old enough where i dont care anymore)

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