Big wind go whoooOOOoooOoooo

Okay, I realize it’s midnight and I only got a little over four hours of sleep last night, so I’m a little more imagination-prone than I might be otherwise, but I was just outside with supermutt, and, well, you know that big wind in My Neighbor Totoro, when Satsuki is out gathering firewood and (though she can’t see him) Totoro goes flying by?

The exact same thing happened while I was outside. Except all my firewood didn’t go flying up a huge mountain by itself.

(By the way, the one I linked to up there I suspect is the dorky new version that Disney redubbed recently. The original is this one, but it’s no longer available.)

Anyway, I’m still up working and my husband’s asleep and my dog is grumbling her way back to sleep, but I think I’ve only got about an hour to go writing this training and then I get to sleep. Yay for progress!