Finally finished the 2nd bedroom.

Well, after two years of work, I can officially declare the second bedroom refinished. Sure, it could use some more furniture, and I need a second set of curtains ’cause the current ones aren’t wide enough, but the floor, walls, and trim are done. The heater vent’s been replaced. The closet’s been refinished and reshelved. The bed and end tables are assembled. And most amazingly, all the trash is out.

I’m beat. We assembled the furniture and hung the curtain rod and curtains tonight. I bought the curtains and the blankets and washed everything. My feet hurt and I don’t remember having actually eaten dinner tonight. I still need to get a shower.

I bought loose tea tonight for my teastick but if I have it now I won’t be able to sleep. I got decaf chai for Christmas – time to crack that open.