random babblings of someone who has too many words to write.

11/26/05 random babblings of someone who has too many words to write. (Cut and pasted from a TextEdit file I was making notes in while writing…)

10:28: was going to update my word count and go to bed, but now I’ve lost Internet access. Makes me pissy. Now I’m going to have to concentrate on the novel and not start playing Chuzzle like I’d planned.

10:45: still no internet access. up to at least 3167 words. (there seems to be some debate between my word count and NaNoWriMo’s count, but theirs is in my favor, so I don’t mind the discrepancy.) Want desperately to be distracted so I don’t have to listen to these characters fight in my head anymore, but I’m out of luck.

11:03: Still no ‘net access. If I was really at a breaking point I’d go reboot the router to make sure the problem’s not us, but suddenly I’m on a roll. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the literary figure I want to use as a metaphor. Goddamn it, I want my google back!

11:05: It was Casanova. My husband is snoring so loudly upstairs that I can hear him, and I’m on the sofa in the livingroom on the first floor.

11:15: I just had a character go off on a cursing spree. It’s in character for him, but I’m feeling a little guilty for using the word “shit” six times in succession – it gives the impression that I’m buffering my word count.

11:33: the dog’s now been whining at me for a solid fifteen minutes. But I’ve added another thousand words or so in the last 45 minutes. At this rate it will take me approximately 22 hours of full-on work to hit deadline. I have roughly 72 hours. Maybe this is doable after all.

It’d help if I didn’t start at fuckall late at night each night though.

This dog’s like an oven. But at least when she’s lying next to me on the sofa she’s quiet.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s the router that’s causing the problem, because I can’t connect to it. I’ll investigate that shortly. I need to go to bed by midnight because I have to be up at 9 to go to lunch with a friend at 11.This has been a very social weekend.

12:02: Rebooting the router seems to have done the trick. I’m going to upload this, update my word count, and then go to bed.

(ps: 35,106 words! Whoo! Less than 4 days! Hell!)