Bad Hoof

So a few weeks ago the arch of my right foot started to ache — not all the time, but sometimes when I walk on it funny or I’m on it too long. I stopped exercising to give it a chance to heal, but it’s been two weeks and healing has not accomplished itself according to plan. Went to the doctor today and he’s diagnosed tendon pulls with a possible very small fracture as well. X-rays were accomplished before work and all it theoretically going according to the new plan: advil, and heel cups in my shoes.

Of course it doesn’t help that the heel cup, while probably helping the tendons quite a bit, are making the bone ache like all hell.

What’s annoying (outside of the pain and inconvenience) is that I can’t walk the dog. But maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, considering that she’s currently scheduled for a specialist appointment later this week for a bad shoulder.

Anyway, today’s afternoon forecast is slightly grouchy with a chance of grousing, well on until morning.