What weekend?

Replaced the mailbox. Dug out the hydrangea bush. Built up the brick wall around the garden to keep wonder-dog out. Cleaned the kitchen (except the floor) and ran the dishwasher twice. Paid all the bills through mid-October, posted a comic into the archive, and started the processes necessary to replace the thermostat on the heater. Completed three loads of laundry.

Didn’t have a lot of down time. I have a three-day weekend at the other end of this week, though, so maybe I’ll finally get some rest then. I was supposed to go to the Boston-ish area next weekend to see my friend Mandine and her family, but Nighthawk’s not feeling all that great and it’s a long drive both there and back, so I had to cancel.

Anyway, it’s almost Monday and I’m still running laundry. Work will be theoretically quieter this week, so maybe I won’t be quite as exhausted. Here’s hoping.