You know it’s been an expensive day…

…when the credit card company calls to check up on you.

Yesterday morning, the dishwasher decided it didn’t want to fill with water anymore. I noticed this while making my breakfast and wondering why the dishwasher smelled suspiciously like it was baking food instead of washing dishes. After calling around for advice, everyone came to the conclusion that it was better to replace an age-unknown horribly-loud dishwasher for a new one than to try to repair this one.

Everyone also agreed that if you have to choose between flood and no water, this was definitely the dishwasher emergency to choose.

So between multiple sinks of dishes and multiple loads of laundry and all the other usual chores for a weekend, we were kept quite busy.

This evening we took a trip to the local Sears Hardware and picked out a new dishwasher. It was right around what I expected to spend, a middle-of-the-road dishwasher with features that went heavy on “quiet” and light on “fancy crap you don’t need”. The deciding factor was the $160 delivery/installation fee, without which we’d’ve defintely sprung for a more expensive model. But hey, when your house cost less than $150 grand, there’s really no reason to own a $750 dishwasher.

While we were there we attempted to buy a new mini-fridge (for the holding of canned liquid refreshment in convenient locations) but for some reason the very-new appliance sales lady was incapable of selling one to me. It’s a closeout item, so many of the stores don’t even have it in stock. Ironically, I was able to come home and order the same fridge online and agree to pick it up at a mostly-local mall for no delivery fee and save $60.

It’s always nice to see that a credit company’s policies work — Discover called less than a half hour after I ordered the fridge to find out if we were, in fact, on an appliance spending spree and it wasn’t someone else dancing around with my card.

Tonight’s the premiere of Drive with Nathan Fillion from Firefly (the only reason I’m watching, honestly), so we’ll see how that goes. If it flops, there’s always Moby Dick over on TCM.