Awesome sports bras – and you’re probably in the wrong one.

Because I’m exercising regularly in groups, this comes up often. I promised some friends I’d pass a couple of these sites on to them, but it’s really great for every lady with C or larger boobage.

If when you go *kick* or you go *punch* or you go *block* or you go *jump* your chest goes *woggidy woggidy woggidy* or *flappity flappity* or just plain old OW, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

If you are using two or more sports bras at one time, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

And if you need to grab your chest when working out, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

And if all that’s true, well, you’re probably wondering why the hell I haven’t cut to the chase and told you where to buy a better bra. Well, it ain’t your local Walmart, that’s for sure.

My favorite sports bra shop is Title 9 Sports… they rank each of their bras as between 1 and 6 bar bells, with the most bar bells providing the most hold. (The link above goes to the 3+ bar bell page) I’ve got a 3 Reasons and a Having It All and they’re both great. (I prefer the 3 reasons only because I don’t like the hooks digging into my chest if somebody punches me during sparring.)

Somewhat related, I believe that every woman should read these pages that tell you whether your bra fits. This pictoral guide is awesome too. I have friends who constantly complain of back pain or that their boobs have gone flat and even I can tell by looking at them that they’re in the wrong bra size. Sagging? Wrong bra. Double-decker boobs? Wrong bra. You can fit a hairbrush handle between your sternum and the bra edges? Wrong bra!

Don’t be ashamed of having a big rack – if you’ve got ’em, even if you don’t flaunt ’em, make ’em look nice! There’s an entire world beyond DD that’s actually comfortable.

Big bra stores: Lane Bryant, Bigger Bras, Bravissimo

When it’s all said and done, there’s an entire world beyond C… heck, even beyond DD… that’s actually comfortable, and makes you look beautiful. Don’t be afraid to check it out!

with thanks to Pablo Wapsi who’s been passing this kind of information on for years, and whose character Monica inspired me to go find a better bra.

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