Hey, Hooters has planes. Why not Jiffy Pop?

pop goes the airplane!

Okay, story time!

Back in late January or early February, my cousin was in a car accident which resulted in the airbag deploying. (She was and is fine.) That event was the inspiration for today’s comic, which I finished drawing by oh, roughly the middle of February.

But I really felt that using a joke like this against my characters required some kind of background — what the hell would’ve happened that would have resulted in an airbag going off? Well, longtime readers know that I hit a deer back in November of ’04, and though the only thing that exploded in my case was the deer’s ass (it shat on my car. the nerve.), a slightly larger deer and a slightly heavier lead foot on my part may have caused an airback deployment… so around June I got enough fragmented pieces of a plan together to actually start this arc… which was somewhat inconvenient considering that I’d started a different arc back in May that still stands unfinished.

We’ll get back to that. I promise. But since it took Marin 140 days of our time to get through just over 12 hours of her time, I think it’s time we give the poor girl a rest.

Besides, I have a Halloween comic to run (a day early, on Monday, at that!), and maybe some Jesus-in-a-box stuff… you know, brain stretch for a bit.

Anyway, this may very well be one of the longest set-up-to-punchline time spans in horrible-amateur comics. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.