Theft of bed & of sleep

5:30 am: Kaylee wakes up, decides to come over & check in with me. She does this sometimes. I say, “Go back to bed.”

Chance gets up to check in too (scratching at the side of the mattress to get an ear scritch). I tell him to go back to bed too.

He can’t. Second day in a row, Kaylee stole his bed.

Yesterday I left the 2 of them to work it out, which resulted in 40 minutes of Chance scratching, shaking, & whining at Kaylee, then finally stepping over her and curling up behind her. (The current dog beds will sleep two balled-up terriers after all.) Just as he settled, my alarm went off.

Today, I got up, scooped Kaylee out of Chance’s bed, put her down in hers, and everyone was back to sleep by 5:37.

Except me, though I’m thinking that won’t last long.

This had better not become a trend.

One thought on “Theft of bed & of sleep

  1. I feel your pain. Buddy has decided breakfast time has been moved from 5:15 to 4:30. So I’m trying to ignore a dog sounding like an elephant tromping through the bedroom because he wants to eat/pee 45 minutes before I have to get up!

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