Dear lady…

Dear lady I don’t know walking a big dog around my building while talking on the phone at 5:30am in a heavy rain:

My very small dog woke me up because he had to go, and he tends to be nasty to both strange dogs and strange humans alike when his tummy’s rumbling ominously. Also, he’s got a bark that would pierce a bunker, and we have sleeping neighbors.

Its your job to set the direction we’re going to walk around the building, because you were out first. So if in trying to walk my dog in the loop around my building, and I see you and I stop, it’s to avoid you. If I leave almost half a building between us, when walking resumes, it’s TO AVOID YOU.

For f’s sake, DON’T change directions twice in order to try to meet me in the middle while aforementioned dog is talking a dump. I don’t have any interest in being social to strangers in the dark and the rain when I should be asleep but instead I’m picking up crap. And just because the beast you’re walking is “friendly” doesn’t mean my dog is!

Back off!

Pissed off and grouchy

2 thoughts on “Dear lady…

  1. Amen! Having had an antisocial,loud beagle, I completely agree. We worked hard to avoid all other dogs on our walks – but there is a group that insisted on trying to socialize donald. Rather unsuccessfully. And that would be after we changed directions / slowed down / etc to avoid them.

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