Tonsillectomy-pneumonia update

I had a follow-up appointment with both the doc for the tonsillectomy and my GP for the pneumonia today, and the prevailing opinion is that I’m not healthy enough to work yet, and I’m to stay home another week.

My total inability to identify my own limits is just baffled to find out that no really, it’s not my imagination and I’m not blowing it out of proportion, I really am that sick. And the way I feel isn’t normal and that’s OK because we’re going to fix it, but fixing it takes time.

I guess I knew I wasn’t ready. Having the medical folks confirm it has taken this huge ball of worry off my chest that I didn’t know was there in the first place.

Mostly, I’m just relieved that I can sleep without pain, and re-learn how to eat with this new-improved funny-shaped throat, and that nobody rational is going to be mad or think I’m wimping out or any of the things we worry about when we’re already sick and exhausted.

I’m moving back into the world of real food. I ate stroganoff last night, and cereal this morning, and moo shu chicken for dinner tonight. Still no toast or crackers or sharp crunchy bits, and it still takes me an hour to eat something that took 15 minutes two weeks ago, but hey, at least I’m not still drinking 90% of my nutrition.

On the other hand, I’m still having the occasional serious lapse of common sense. Like hey, cinnamon red-hot candies: did you know when your mouth is one giant sore, even just one or two of them is a really REALLY bad plan?

2 thoughts on “Tonsillectomy-pneumonia update

  1. You will find that over the next couple of weeks that gastronomical brain-storms are usually REALLY BAD IDEAS!!! Trust the one who had his throat roto-rootered a couple of years back what really sounds good only sounds good because it wants to hurt you.
    Take it slow, you won’t need to eat much, Drink clear cold water, I don’t know of much water that has acids, pepper juice or spines in in it.
    Hope you feel better

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