I remember that a whole bunch of my family were staying at a cabin-like place and the place had giant chicken-like birds that we were supposed to be taking care of while we were there. But a huge part of the anxiety about this cabin was trying to get all the beds in place so we all had somewhere to sleep and none of the women had to share a bed with a guy they didn’t know (because apparently a bunch of work people were there too.)

There was also a major shortage in bathrooms but an overabundance of closets, all of which had the exact same stuff in them. And we couldn’t block any doors.

I don’t remember how the scene shifted from the cabin to a hospital but the next thing I knew I was at an offsite for the OmmNomNom Project (so nicknamed because it eats the budget and staffing of any other project that crosses its path) with at least 4 teams of developers, trying to fit all the bits and pieces together.

But one of the business groups had decided we needed to offer a few new services: video chat, customer education, and a third I don’t remember. These were introduced to us when K, who is very pregnant both in the dream and real life, climbed up on a folding table, and built abstract sculpture of the new capabilities out of an artificial Christmas tree, Christmas tree lights, and newspaper.

The video chat problems were all tech problems – asynchronous delivery of chat and bad lagtimes would make it virtually unusable. Didn’t matter, we had to find a way to do it anyway.

While some of the dev folks tried to figure that out (and groaned and complained and I don’t blame them) we learned that the other project – customer education – was about helping our richest clients pass their high school finals or get GEDs. And the more we all objected to the very existence of this goal the more we were told “if we don’t help them, who will?”

At that point, since we were making no forward progress we stopped the meeting so I could go to my testing at the hospital. The halls were filled with coworkers and small children and I woke up shortly afterward.

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  1. Interesting Hogan, VERY INTERESTING, but do you think Schultz will ever go back to toy making after he has seen Paris?

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