Dreams: I hate ’em.

Everything you need to know about how well I slept and how I feel now can be summed up like this:

It turns out that Worf and Picard were deeply in love, but their love was unrequited in their home universe. Here, they discovered they wouldn’t be judged for their actions.

Their passion wasn’t what saved the universe — that was done when the grape/eggs were implanted into one of the characters in my comic (Marin – again – poor girl). We were all assured when she gave birth the multiverse would gain new power and we’d see a rebirth of civilization on this post-apocolyptic moon world.

But the love Picard and Worf shared was so deeply touching it was a great way to end the episode. I mean, dream.

God, I need a soda.

4 thoughts on “Dreams: I hate ’em.

  1. If this turns into a Trek slash fiction site, I’m deleting you from my RSS feeds. Fair warning.

  2. Have you considered going to bed with a nice soothing book such as the “Madman” – Kahlil Gibran, it has to be more relaxing that whatever you are reading that is triggering these dreams?

  3. what the hell are you eating before you go to bed?
    Have a cuppa tea and maybe try a bit of rescue remedy. Or vodka.
    Anything to kill the slashfiction!
    next thing you know you are going to be dreaming in twilight and i might have to do an intervention.
    books are on their way to me.

    love, your cousin

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