Well hello, Thursday, eff you too.

Started the day by waking up at roughly the time I should be at work. This was not the plan.

Took the dogs on a walk, and got bit by mosquitos something like eight times in ten minutes. I blame Chance – if he’d’ve pooped in the first 2 minutes he was sniffing for a spot instead of after waiting five or six, maybe I’d only have five mosquito bites.

It is officially the time of year when I switch from Aveeno body wash to Avon Skin-So-Soft. I know snopes says skin-so-soft doesn’t actually repel mosquitos reliably. I also know I got bit a lot less last year than the year before, and I like the way my skin feels, so I’m using it anyway.

Upstairs to take a shower, where I found I was out of daily-ish conditioner and only had the good stuff left. I wanted to save the good stuff, so I grabbed a sample bottle of Pert Plus out of the cabinet, figuring it’ll do the job for now.

Except… well…. neither of us uses Pert Plus normally and I’d forgotten that we’d refilled the bottle with Lever 2000 body wash the last time we were heading on vacation to a hotel we didn’t know (probably my last Colorado trip) in case they didn’t have soap.

(OK, it’s because in 2001 when we visited family in Saranac Lake, NY, we stayed at a hotel so cheap they put the soap and shampoo on a dispenser on the wall *outside* the shower and we decided we never wanted to put up with *that* again, so we started carrying soap with us.)

Anyway, I realized it was Lever 2000 when I realized that my hair smelled awfully detergent-y, even for Pert Plus.

So I ended up using twice as much of the good conditioner anyway.

I can’t *wait* to find out what work’s going to be like. Anyone taking bets I can’t get into the building?

2 thoughts on “Well hello, Thursday, eff you too.

  1. Wow….I was wondering if Thursday was just sucky for me. Things were going great until I spilled sauce on my favorite blouse, requiring me to run around the mall for 40 minutes trying to find an inexpensive, yet impressive replacement for a very important meeting I had. The day got progressively worse from there….

    did you get into the building? ;/

  2. I did get in the building – in fact, from that point on the day was pretty good. Looks like all the sucky parts were concentrated in the morning.

    And hey, thanks for commenting! :)

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