On the road again (or should that be “still”?)

More stream-of-consciousness posting from the nut on the iPhone. This time I greet you from the passenger’s seat of the camry we bought a few months ago as we drive past Quantico marine base just below Washington DC. Nighthawk is driving, and we’re on our way to my cousin Mark’s wedding in Williamsburg, VA.

Hmm, helicopters fly disturbingly low here.

So let’s see, I left off at UI13 on Tuesday right after the Phillies had won. As expected I was exhausted the next day but by Wednesday there were a lot of people wearing down and I’m pretty sure most of them weren’t phillies fans.

Wednesday was another all-day session, this time with the tremendously awesome Donna Spencer.

(Dear iPhone: stop helping. I wanted to write “href” not “beef”. Love, Kirabug.)

The session was on the fundamentals of information architecture & organizing content, and I picked up a lot of tricks that have really raised my confidence for doing my job.

I alst took the T by myself to run some errands, which made me proud. Yes, to the Bostonians in the audience (or any other city-dwellers) that probably sounds like something a 3rd grader should be writing, but cut me a break. I’m a sheltered chick from the rural ‘burbs where I’m thankful if the road has a sidewalk.)

After the day’s session ended, I met up with a whole bunch of really awesome UXG professionals that I met at the conference via Twitter. I’d list them all here but let’s face it, entering links on the iPhone is a bitch without cut and paste.

The dinner was a ball and I felt really comfortable with the crowd. A couple of us are big sports fans, so there was plenty to talk about, especially with the Phils playing to clinch at 8:30.

I missed the first few innings but made some great new friends so I think I came out ahead in the deal.

Won’t go into much detail about the game (since you can get the full coverage anywhere) except to say that I’m really glad I had IM on my laptop so I could watch the game with basschica virtually.

After that I was a bit hyper from the fact that we’re going to the world series for the 1st time in 15 years. Took the time to pack everything and lay out my clothes for Thursday morning, because we were flying out Thursday halfway through the day’s sessions and I wanted it to be a low-stress affair. Finally went to bed around 2 and still tossed and turned for a few minutes before I finally fell asleep.

After that the night turned into a real adventure, but I’ll post about that later, since we’re close to the hotel & I have to help navigate.