Chance update & some quick pics

These photos look like crap because my original revision iPhone has a lot of trouble capturing these new high-energy puppies they’re producing these days.

The top left and the bottom are taken at 9pm a few days ago after a looong walk around our complex. The top right was taken this afternoon after romping with my sister a while.

won't eat a french fry, but he'll eat a stick. napping in front of the window.
long walk flop in the grass time.

Some highlights:

  • He is terrified of french fries, but will eat leaves, sticks, and bugs. Nature boy!
  • We’ve spent a lot of time this week barking at the dog that lives in the shiny black dishwasher, and occasionally at the dog that lives in the stove. Dishwasher Dog even gets scratched at, and one day I caught Chance trying to peer around the edge of the door to see Dishwasher Dog better.
  • The bad news is that he’s escaped from the kitchen twice this week. The good news is that when he has the run of the house, he’s making a good effort at returning to the kitchen (where the pee pads and litter box are) when he needs to go.
  • My nose didn’t get bit once this week, which is definitely an improvement.
  • We’re making good progress on “sit” and “come here” and “come on” (or as everyone else knows them, sit, come, and heel”), and he’s starting to get an inking of what “wait” (everyone else’s “stay”) means. And he definitely understands that “Hey!” is “stop what you’re doing and pay attention to Mom”.

I’m thinking of doing puppy updates every Thursday, so that a) I have a chance to get a few decent pictures throughout the week, b) you have something visual to look forward to and c) I can track his age (since he was born on a Thursday). No guarantees yet, especially considering how busy this week is supposed to be, but that’s the plan.

And yes, at some point, I’ll learn how to embed this crap correctly here instead.