Chance is home.

He’s somehow tinier than I expected – might be because his mom Josie is actually smaller than JessieDog was. So very perfect though. He got carsick on the ride from Virginia to Delaware and I think that’s probably why he has mostly slept since coming home. Only really whined twice and both times Nighthawk and I had simultaneously disappeared from view.

I’m already very happy. So is Nighthawk. We think Chance is too. This should be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

just to prove that it can’t come up roses all the time, our camera broke this evening. Puppy pics will be coming but not tonight.

3 thoughts on “Chance is home.

  1. whoo-hoo!

    I have to imagine that JessieDog is smiling at the fact that her people are being taken care of by the little guy. He and his sister have big paws to fill, but I bet they’re up to the challenge.

    much love from across the ocean.

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