Dirty dirty dirty!

I’m posting this from the Mac store in King of Prussia. There’s some weird dirt under the screen of The Monolith – my lovely and happy iMac – and I’ve finally gotten fed up with it. Didn’t get a chance to post to give y’all a warning this week. Anyway, since I still have the Dread Pirate Roberts (fastest iBook -hah- in the fleet, which never takes prisoners) I’ll still be posting until we find out the fate of The Monolith, but I can’t say for sure that comics will be on time.

6 responses to “Dirty dirty dirty!”

  1. basschica says:

    do this explain why you haven’t been online all day? :)
    i wanted to ask you what i might be forgetting to take to the phillies game tonight…

  2. greymutt says:

    So I guess we should have called at 2pm when we walked by the mob inside the store and thought of you…we could have brought you coffee.

  3. kirabug says:

    Mmmm, coffee. We got coffee over at Gloria Jean’s right after — or at least, I did. Nighthawk stuck with lemonade from Auntie Anne’s.

  4. nighthawk says:

    We were long out of the store by 2pm… thankfully the wait wasn’t very long. Thanks for the thought, though!

  5. jamie says:

    you guys went to the game last night? so did we! Where did you sit? We were about 12 rows aboe the left field wall.

  6. kirabug says:

    Basschica went with a university trip. We watched from home but didn’t see her – or you – on camera. Not that we were looking for you…. Did you have a good time?

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