Dirty dirty dirty!

I’m posting this from the Mac store in King of Prussia. There’s some weird dirt under the screen of The Monolith – my lovely and happy iMac – and I’ve finally gotten fed up with it. Didn’t get a chance to post to give y’all a warning this week. Anyway, since I still have the Dread Pirate Roberts (fastest iBook -hah- in the fleet, which never takes prisoners) I’ll still be posting until we find out the fate of The Monolith, but I can’t say for sure that comics will be on time.

6 thoughts on “Dirty dirty dirty!

  1. do this explain why you haven’t been online all day? :)
    i wanted to ask you what i might be forgetting to take to the phillies game tonight…

  2. So I guess we should have called at 2pm when we walked by the mob inside the store and thought of you…we could have brought you coffee.

  3. Mmmm, coffee. We got coffee over at Gloria Jean’s right after — or at least, I did. Nighthawk stuck with lemonade from Auntie Anne’s.

  4. We were long out of the store by 2pm… thankfully the wait wasn’t very long. Thanks for the thought, though!

  5. you guys went to the game last night? so did we! Where did you sit? We were about 12 rows aboe the left field wall.

  6. Basschica went with a university trip. We watched from home but didn’t see her – or you – on camera. Not that we were looking for you…. Did you have a good time?

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