8 thoughts on “How’s my driving? Call 1-877-Duct-Tape

  1. Speaking of safe drivers, you were stuck in traffic when you snapped the photo, right?

  2. Not only was I in the passenger’s seat, but we were also stuck in traffic. It’s really really hard to take clear photos of moving vehicles especially when you’re moving too.

  3. dutchmen day….is when my school surprises us by cancelling all classes, has fun inflatable games like rocks walls and such, tie dying, lots of free food, free tshirts, music, and a bon fire. Its pretty sweet. It made me happy..except for the painful sun burn i woke up with this morning–that parts not so exciting. it might be helpful to know that my school’s mascot is the Flying Dutchman. =)
    but if it was jamie day, i hope you thoroughly enjoyed it :)

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