8 responses to “How’s my driving? Call 1-877-Duct-Tape”

  1. peri_renna says:

    This does not inspire confidence. :(

  2. kirabug says:

    He was a safe driver from what we could tell. But no, definitely does not inspire confidence.

  3. greymutt says:

    Speaking of safe drivers, you were stuck in traffic when you snapped the photo, right?

  4. basschica says:

    this made me laugh out loud. :)
    p.s happy dutchmen day :)

  5. nighthawk says:

    Even better: she was in the passenger seat.

  6. kirabug says:

    Not only was I in the passenger’s seat, but we were also stuck in traffic. It’s really really hard to take clear photos of moving vehicles especially when you’re moving too.

  7. jamie says:

    what is dutchman day? i thought it was jamie day.

  8. basschica says:

    dutchmen day….is when my school surprises us by cancelling all classes, has fun inflatable games like rocks walls and such, tie dying, lots of free food, free tshirts, music, and a bon fire. Its pretty sweet. It made me happy..except for the painful sun burn i woke up with this morning–that parts not so exciting. it might be helpful to know that my school’s mascot is the Flying Dutchman. =)
    but if it was jamie day, i hope you thoroughly enjoyed it :)

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