Crap, the Internet sucks today.

I’ve got roughly 20 browser tabs open from going through my RSS feeds and at least 90% of them haven’t loaded. Crap. Internet Traffic Report is currently showing North America’s working connection rate at something horrid like 88 (we’re aiming for 100 folks) and most of the rest of the planet even lower.

I don’t like it when someone shuts my Internet off without asking.

I didn’t want to be motivated to go do my chores! I wanted to goof off! Whaaaa!

Oh well, time to go write the shopping list.

6 thoughts on “Crap, the Internet sucks today.

  1. Well, blaming Comcast is something I enjoy, so you could do that anyway, but no, it’s probably not them (unless their borg-like collective has bought a lot more of the Internet than I’m aware of).

  2. Is this a recent thing, or has it been going on for a week or more? Because my internet has sucked both at home and at work for a while now. Just as a small example, I can’t get Penny Arcade to open at all at work, but LICD barely works at home.

  3. It was recent for us up here, and pretty must just lasted the day. Things appear to be normal around these parts this morning.

  4. So it’s just me, then… Weird. Sometimes I have to rapid-fire click on the refresh button to even get Google to load, and sometimes it just won’t load at all. It’s really irritating.

  5. Try running a tracert and seeing where the connection dies. Open up a command line and type “tracert” and then see what it says – it’ll bounce through each connection between you and google. If it dies at your own ISP somewhere I’d call them and complain.

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