6 responses to “The Egg: all things to all people”

  1. greymutt says:

    mmm I like the Wawa salads…

  2. jamie says:

    umm… since when are dried cranberries vegetables? did i miss a food group memo?

  3. kirabug says:

    I think considering the egg, I’m willing to turn a blind eye to the cranberry for the moment… but it may help to know that “vegetable” isn’t a botanical categorization, so if it’s a plant you can probably argue that’s a vegetable ;)

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Technically, tomatoes and olives aren’t vegetables either. Which means only half their vegetables choices actually consist of vegetables. At least all the protein choices are protein.

  5. jzimbert says:

    Except for None. There’s effectively no protein at all in None.

  6. kirabug says:

    Mmm, I love a nice warm bowl of None Salad for lunch.

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