Status update

So incredibly tired. Started Tang Soo Do classes at work today, and the first class kicked my butt. My butt needed kicking. Wow am I exhausted. Wednesday there will be more butt-kicking. Sleep will be my friend.

On the creative end of things, I did finish the first panel of the Night Fugues comic that I started last October. But when the clock struck 11 I decided that I wasn’t going to get the other 3-4 panels done tonight and bailed out to a spare IOI comic I had in the wings. Sorry. We’ll get there. After all, I have to get through at least a chunk of this story or I can’t write about cornish game cows. Those are the rules.

I miss JessieDog. She and I could’ve crashed on the sofa together really easily tonight.

8 thoughts on “Status update

  1. I told my cousin that Tang Soo Do was going to make me skinny, and she misheard me and said, “Tang makes a soda? How’s that make you skinny?”

  2. Hey, you can buy CO2 canisters – I bet it wouldn’t be that hard to make a Tang soda machine.

    …it sounds nasty, though. Either that, or the Tang I drank from aluminum camp cups at Scout camp was not quite up to spec…

  3. ok – I checked out that link. my only question is how comfy would a knitted thong be? maybe i just haven’t been exposed to many different kinds of yarn, but I would imagine that would get itchy.

  4. It doesn’t matter what the hell a thong is made out of, if someone’s running fabric up your ass crack, it’s not comfortable. It’s a wedgie you give yourself for hours at a time.

    The people I know who have learned how to wear thongs did so by forcing themselves to wear them for like a week or two until their brain learned to ignore the rope up their ass. You can usually spot them — they’re the women (or girls!) walking down the hall who look like a dog who just took a crap and keeps checking its butt to make sure all the crap fell off. As I don’t have a rump worth packaging in such fancy butcher’s twine, I’ve never bothered to abuse myself in that fashion.

    Most knitted yarns these days are cotton or nylon — read: soft, not scratchy — so not very different from the majority of thongs. On the other hand, there are companies making thongs (and other unmentionables) out of polyester-like materials or lacy things that scratch like hell. They should be shot.

    If whatever the fabric is you can’t rub it against the inside of your arm near the elbow rapidly for 30 seconds without it scratching the arm and/or turning it significantly red, as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t belong below the waist either. If you really want brush burns on your ass, have sex on a carpeted floor. That’s (generally) free and enjoyable.

  5. Oh, wearing a thong isn’t really that hard to get used to.

    Wait, did I say that in public? Um… hey, look over there!

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