6 thoughts on “Squinty!

  1. I made it oddly large because I was squinting at it all the time at home. On my 1024×768 laptop it was ok (not great) but on my 1900xwhatever iMac it was killer. But now even on the larger size the font is so skinny that I’m having trouble reading it.

    Could be my contacts, too.

    I kind of like the larger font better. What do you think?

  2. Can you just increase the text size in the web browser? I know IE can do this – I think Safari can too. I mean – the larger size on the site is fine – it just isn’t consistent with other websites. thus why i think it is oddly large.

    and how are you reading other sites where you can’t control the text size?

  3. Well, I could increase the text size in the web browser, but then I’d have to do so every time I come to my site. And this way I don’t ;)

    And I’m not overly worried about being consistent with other websites when it meets my needs ;)

    For some reason, I’m not feeling so squinty on other websites, which is part of the reason I’m thinking it’s the font I chose. Might be time to switch to a different font.

  4. Mmmmm, much better. Looks like the problem was definitely the background-color. I tend to forget that Macs run with brighter colors than PCs so anything I do on a PC is going to clash worse than on a Mac.

    That and my poor eyes are just getting old.

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