Training today!

I’m in training all day today and tomorrow for Flash. As I have Flash at home as well, this is promising for the website. Of course, I said that after I took the Illustrator class too, and the only things I’ve done with that since have been side-jobs doing web design work.

Not that that’s bad, mind, it paid my site fees for this year, but still.

Anyway, I’ll probably have a slightly closer eye on comments today and who knows what else I might find on the web…. plus if you’re really good I might post some of my weirdness here ;)

2 thoughts on “Training today!

  1. Now, I’m in training. And I’m wondering why motivational speakers spend so much time making up terms and then asking their audience to define them. “One thing you definitely want to avoid is friptaculation. Now, what is friptaculation? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?” HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? No one but you has ever used this term. No one but you ever will. Just tell me what you like to pretend it means and move on, jackass. Better yet, forget the stupid thing entirely and just tell me what point you’re trying to get across!

  2. What kind of training were you taking that they made you listen to a motivational speaker? The closest I’ve come was “fundamentals of influence”.

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