23 thoughts on “Baaaaaaabbbbbble thread!

  1. i just wanted to point out how much the phils are killing me…everytime i think…they’ve lost it…they decide to start to come back..what the heck…i don’t think my heart can take this much change in emotion much longer….so they better keep winning!…yup thats my babble for the day..
    now off to class..

  2. Let’s do a check –

    Optimistic Beginning
    Sluggish Middle
    Slight rise in hope as future looks better
    Major Downer leading to exasperation and giving up towards the end
    Valiant fight at the end to rebuild hopes…

    So far, its your average philly sports season. Let’s hope it ends better than others ;-)

  3. hmmmm…lately as in..since i started college? cause i check your site a looooot during the day…its one of the things on my bookmark bar..and i just go through all of those things pretty much every time i open up the internet :)

  4. Here’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell. Since there’s a baby on the way, we’ve been planning to buy a digital camcorder. Vjinton went to a Renn faire in Kansas with a friend for Labor Day, so she wanted to have it to bring with her. We did some super-quick research and bought one, along with an external DVD burner for the computer. This meant we’d have to add a USB 2.0 port. I went to Fry’s, picked out one that said “XP drivers included” and put it in the computer. Then I tried to install the drivers. Error! So I looked at the PDF manual that was included on the driver disk. These two pictures show the entire section about installing this card on an XP system.
    Yeah, I did that. That worked fine.
    That’s… the exact same error message I got. The guy taking screenshots for the manual got an error message! And he put it in the manual! I understand that this makes the directions technically accurate. But couldn’t they have found someone who could read what the screen said before they packaged and shipped this thing?

  5. umm… as someone who lives between you and the ocean (not to mention how precipitously close to the chesapeake I am), I hope you don’t get your beachfront property all that soon ;-)

  6. actually, i don’t think that I need to be that worried – I live in the chester county highlands (or so I’m told). So the rest of the county will be under water and I will probably have a beach front house too. so never mind.

  7. mmmm…this reminds me of the facebook group called…
    “Blow up New Jersey and get Pennsylvania a beach.”
    Sounds like a good plan to me :-D
    …in other news…
    i did REALLY well on my stat exam :)

  8. maybe. i’ve always wanted my own island. I would call it Jamie Isle. Free margaritas and daquieris every day.

  9. lovely? is it printed on pink paper? or are you being psychologically tested? i mean with the bug as your sister, there is definitely a family history ;-)

  10. lovely as in…i’m being sarcastic because i’m scared out of my mind!
    although i can def. see where you’re coming from with kirabug as my sister and all :) :-P

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