This is short because I’m tired.

Lots and lots of work today. Tomorrow is also lots and lots of work. For both of us, for a change. One of us gets paid for overtime and it isn’t me. It’s a lot of fun. Or something. Anyway, I’m expecting to work overtime pretty much every day this week except Wednesday, when we’re off for medical maintenance reasons, so posting, comments, etc. are going to be sparse. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

The Idiocy on the Internet continues (along with one political sketchy theater – a highly rare event) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. Not that they’re overly good, mind, but they’re something to fill the buffer whilst I continue to work on the Night Fugues comic that I’ve been literally working on for three weeks. I really REALLY hate the seven drafts I’ve come up with so far, and draft eight is warming up to stink as well. Somehow the drawing muses have left me at the moment, so we’ll keep it light and stupid and full of current events until they return.

For those keeping score, we passed 300 comics recently (uhm, July, yeah) and we’re approaching the 100th Idiocy on the Internet. Of course since I post what I want when I want (and I’m dependent on idiocy occuring) there’s no predicting when #100 will show up, but it’s fun nonetheless.