2 thoughts on “Still waiting.

  1. Bloody doctors. I was supposed to have outpatient surgery last Wednesday. I was told to show up at the surgical center at 6:30 AM for an 8:30 procedure. I needed vjinton to drive me, since I’d be going under anesthesia and wouldn’t be able to drive home. So we got up, like, 2 hours earlier than usual, wasted some time getting her some donuts, and got there right on time. Around 7:15, I filled out my emergency contact info (vjinton). At 8:20, they took me back to prep me for surgery. Yeah. We showed up 2 hours early and they did NOTHING until 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Then they canceled the surgery cause I had a fever. We were pissed.

    So this comic? I can relate.

  2. Yuck! Are you ok now? Sorry it took me so long to get back to this comment – things here have been crazy. When I’m at work I keep saying I need to call you guys tonight, but then by the time I get home I get caught up in everything I need to do there and forget to call. I’m a louse.

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