Once you’re in Serenity, you never leave….

It’s well on record that I don’t like TV.

(Well, it is somewhere. Take my word for it.)

I’m way late to this party, I know. Firefly aired years ago, when I was well off of TV, and even now it’s all I can do to sit in front of one that’s not playing baseball. I heard all about this sci-fi western but missed actually seeing it. Still, when everywhere you go and everything you read keeps circling back to the Browncoats, you know you’re missing something.

The buzz started again when Serenity was approaching and in theaters.

Last Christmas, Nighthawk got both the show and the movie on DVD. Every Thursday for 7 weeks, we curled up on the sofa together and watched two episodes of Firefly, and after the first episode I was hooked. The music is addictive. The writing is solid, the characterization is of whole people, and the plot twists are certainly not the usual trite crap. Sometimes you see what’s coming but usually you don’t. Granted, it helped that I had someone to share it with — that Nighthawk and I were both seeing it for the first time — and that it was probably the only time we had each week together watching the same show and just being.

We had a good-sized break between Firefly and Serenity, due to life being life, and we finally watched the movie tonight. It hurts to know it’s over. I’ve got a lot of things available to cry about right now, and a movie is not at the top of the list, but I’m surprised myself at how much I want to see Serenity in the air again.

As for me, when I get two seconds of my own (I’ve stolen these two seconds, so they don’t count), I’m going to write Joss and the cast a thank-you letter.