Puppy Bowl Drinking Game

It’s that time of year again, and Animal Planet is running Puppy Bowl before, during, and after the game. There’s nothing like twelve hours of puppies and kittens romping around, tackling each other, and drinking water, to beat out the Super Bowl for viewers.

And yet, even though this event is up against one of the largest beer-guzzling events of the year, we were amazed to find zero indications of a Puppy Bowl Drinking Game.

So, we’ve started our own. Please feel free to help us revise it in the forum.

Puppy Bowl Drinking Game

Drink once…

  • Any time the referee comes out onto the field. (Take a second drink if it’s for a cleanup issue.)
  • Any time Harry Kalas (the announcer) mentions “Puppy Bowl”
  • Any time they break for commercial
  • Any time they go to a shot of Bowl Cam
  • Any time they run an instant replay

Drink twice…

  • Any time Harry Kalas makes a statement about the excitement level on the field and they immediately pan to a dog that’s laying down doing nothing.
  • Any time a dog falls off a lawn chair during a tailgate party shot
  • Any time a single dog sprawls across the field logo and is the only dog in the shot.
  • For the Drive of the Hour

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