So it’s Friday.

So it’s Friday, and I’m off until Tuesday thanks to the holiday weekend and a skillfully-placed vacation day. I was supposed to spackle the holes in the bedroom walls last night but passed on that opportunity so that I could instead put another comic in the queue (and capture a great IOI screenshot), and also put my car in the shop.

I got up at 9, which tells me I’m getting a good amount of sleep during the week because it’s only about an hour later than I get up normally, and the JessieDog was up by 9:30. It’s about time to eat breakfast. Then I get to spackle holes, clean walls, and work on priming (primeing?) the walls and ceiling. Then the paint. whee!

Probably not all today, if it isn’t obvious.

I’m doing this one solo, which is a bit odd, because usually I drag my sister into all my rennovating adventures, but she’s got school and she’s in the pit orchestra for a musical and, well, kid’s got a life. So we’ll see how far I really get when self-motivating.

I foresee lots of caffeine in my immediate future.

Anyway, I’ll be away from the internet most of the day, much like yesterday, but unlike yesterday it’ll be because I don’t want to paint the keyboard. Feel free to visit the forum, or if you’re really bored go through the archives and let me know which links are broken. (Like I said, really bored.)

I’ll be back later, when I’ve reached a point where things will have to dry.