And we were only 2 days away, too.

November is not for driving.

Two years ago, we had a short November snow, and on what should have been a routine shopping trip, we slid through a part of the parking lot that was a little snowier than the rest. As a result, our left turn wasn’t. We bounced the Neon’s front right tire against a curb. That resulted in replacement of the tire, rim, and I think some axel parts.

Last year, much earlier in November, I came through an S-curve while being blinded by oncoming traffic, only to find a deer standing in my lane. You’ve all got a rough idea of how that went.

And today, Nighthawk and I drove the Neon from our place, to Lowe’s (to return the miter saw that didn’t), then to Sears (to buy a miter saw that will hopefully both miter and saw) and then back through Spring City to go home. We stopped at a stop light, turned right, and immediately discovered someone in our lane stopped and hoping to turn left. Rather than hit her, we dove right once again, and ate yet another curb.

End result: as yet unknown. The car’s front wheels look a little duck-footed, and it’s not currently safely drivable. Whether just the rim and tire are shot, or whether we’ve blown things out seriously this time will be determined by the dealership tomorrow.

Next year, I’m going to work on devising a way to not have either member of the family drive in November.