Two quick points:

Point a: I did a brain dump / cleanout of my bookmarks for comic production and stuck everything in the new “tools for drawing” tools for comics page you see over there to the right left. Take a gander if you’re interested. I’ll probably add to it regularly because even right now I know there’s stuff I forgot to put on there.

Point b: Comic art quality’s about to take a drop again. Remember back in March when I’d just finished the Longest Night of the Summer strips and I announced an art shift because it was just taking too damn long to make each strip? Well, I’m at that point again — I need to build the buffer back up, and not just with IoI comics. So in order to produce comics slightly faster we’re going to take a planned quality hit.

Someday when I’m rich and famous I’ll go back and redraw them to look nicer. Don’t hold your breath until that occurs.

Thanks to Jzimbert for pointing out I don’t know my right from my left after midnight