State of the Site Report

So here we are.

I’ve got all but 20 of the comics moved over into the new system, and I’m not going to move the blog posts from the last year over at all. (Well, except the ones I already moved.)

Navigation’s fairly straightforward – use the categories to the left to narrow down your viewing pleasure. (Want to see just the comics? Click “comics”. Just GOMH? Click “get outta my head”. Just the blog posts? click “ideas”. You get it.)

There’s a help link in the “pages” area that I’ll be glad to fill out as time goes on.

Archives read newest to oldest, just like the old one, which might take a little getting used to for the comics, but I’m sure it’ll work out.

If you prefer an RSS feed, make sure to check it out – it’s in that left nav thing. And one of my projects is to transcribe all the comics somehow so that the “search” will bring up searches against them as well.

Comments? Well, comments are my last big project to overtake – somehow this winter I hope to wire something into WordPress that will automatically create a forum thread when I post a new post, but that’s nowhere near even the beginning of development, forget the end.

My “to do” list:

  • Move the FAQ and Cast Pages over to the new design
  • Move any other straggling pages over to the new design
  • Clean up any straggling design issues.
  • Anything else I think of.