A few quick notes because the dryer’s almost done

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Note 3: I hate laundry.

Note 4: The avatar isn’t the only change on the site that hasn’t been completed yet, but I’m not tipping my hand to the rest yet.

Note 5: the key lime pie cheesecake was delicious.

Note 6: Congratulations to Eric and Wednesday Burns-White on their successful knot-tying!

Note 7: I have too many clothes.

There’s the dryer buzzer, off I go.

WWdN: In Exile: klingon law

Being the webcomic geek I am, I enjoyed Wil Wheaton commenting on a Toothpaste for Dinner comic. It left me curious, though, because it’s written in a very Websnark-esque “submitted without comment” style. Does Wil read Eric? (That would rock.) Or is this just a web trope I didn’t come upon until Websnark and I assume it’s Eric’s?


Plus, now I get to read the archives for Toothpaste for Dinner

Online Comics Day 2006 Is Coming!

You might remember that last year we celebrated this esteemed holiday, but there were a few bumps in the road when it came to the official website.

Well, I’ve spent the past few days working with Aric Campling of H.O.S.E.R.S to ressurect the Online Comics Day website. I’m really thrilled that Aric and David and Howard and all the others involved let me participate – and I’m thrilled that we get to continue the tradition. Registration could open as early as tomorrow, so if you are a comic creator (or know one) please stop on by!

Now I just need to draw my comic for the event. Heh, how silly would that be, me not having a comic for it?

Falling into place

So I finally threw out the script that wasn’t working for me in the strip that was supposed to be Tuesday’s, and wrote a new script and started over. I’m currently making good progress on that one, but I’ve also got to put together my comics for the hobby expo on Thursday for work. Anyway, there’s already a slightly-off-topic comic in the queue for Saturday if I don’t get this other one done, and if I do, well, Saturday’s current comic will become a Friday bonus comic and today’s will become Saturday’s and I’ll start panicking for Tuesday all over again. Ah, to rebuild the buffer.

At least I’m getting ideas again.

Tonight, I worked on the comic while listening to the Blank Label Comic Podcast which you’ve probably heard of if you’re a webcomic geek like I am, but for the rest of you, it’s a podcast hosted by two members of Blank Label Comics and features interviews with other webcomic authors and artists once a week. I’m currently way behind – just finished Podcast #8 from October (now I get what all the freakin’ drama was about) but drama flare-ups or no, I think it’s really valuable to get an insight into comic creators and their similarities and differences. So if you too are a webcomic geek you might like it.

Meanwhile, I was in Photoshop training for the past two days and have picked up many a tip plus a big nifty book. I promised myself I’d go to bed by 12:30 this morning because I’m giving blood at work today and I think it’s important not to go to work exhausted when you know you’re going to be literally drained by the end of the day but if I get a second I’ll upload one of the really nifty things I did.

Otherwise, all else is good. Hope you’re the same.