An update on us…

Nighthawk is home from the hospital, as of yesterday. He’s still not 100% and we don’t know when he’s going back to work yet, but just having him healthy enough to come home is a great improvement over where we were 2 weeks ago.

We’re both exhausted, but on the mend. I took yesterday and today off to help us get life back in order… and to spend some time with this guy I’ve missed for the past week :) It’s a good thing I took yesterday off, too, because we thought he’d be discharged from the hospital in the morning and it was mid-afternoon before we were finally free to go. Ah, hospitals.

Anyway, the plan is to get the comic rolling again and stuff, so the period of radio silence should be over. Thank you all for your good wishes and your patience.


Sucks: when your husband is sick enough that you have to take an unscheduled trip into Philly to take him to the doctor.
Extra sucks: when you get sideswiped on the Schuylkill Expressway by an inattentive woman’s SUV on the way there and now have to get your car repaired.
Ultimate Suckage: when your finally reach the hospital, they decide your husband needs a “tune up” (run of IVs and therapy and such) to clean all the crap out of his system… starting Tuesday and lasting at least a week in the hospital and at least 21 days of IVs.

Yeah… my life’s going to be chaos for a little while. Expect sporadic updates at best.

But there are still 2 Idiocy comics in the queue for tomorrow and Saturday, so you’ve got that going for you.

Yet another update, and even more weird shit

Ah, Twitter. You’ve opened up whole new worlds of weird shit on the Internet for me.

First, an update: hurt my back yesterday goofing off with the dogs – same way every other family member seems to do it. Just lucky I guess, or a genetic defect in my back which the whole family seems to share. But I’m gonna go with luck.

As such, haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the computer or drawing – more time spent lying down and groaning. Doc says here’s some stuff to treat it, call back in a week if it’s not better. I have no complaints, it was the answer I was hoping for. But something tells me I’m back out of Tang Soo Do for the week. Dammit.

Meanwhile, dogs who fought a stomach bug all weekend are feeling fine now, which is good because I don’t think I can run the carpet cleaner any more anyway. So things work out for the best I guess.

Now, for some weird shit:

OK, bedtime.

I’ve been kind of quiet lately – here’s a catch-up.

Christmas, and the days before and after, were awesome.

New Year’s was quiet, but also awesome.

Day after, I caught this massive head cold thing that’s going around – sore throat, cough, snot factory, the whole bit. My energy levels are through the floor, but at least I can’t smell dog poop when I’m cleaning up after the pack.

Work went from almost nonexistent to flat-out crazy, which is typical of the “everyone’s back from the holidays, now get to work” mentality that I’ve come to expect after almost 9 years in the same place.

Speaking of long times, today marks the 16th anniversary of the first date where Nighthawk and I considered each other a couple… so that means we’ve been together literally half our lives… that’s 10,000 years in binary.

The puppies are having a hell of a bad time adjusting to us working, and that’s even with us timing our schedules so we’re rarely out of the house for more than 4 hours.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, and some drawing, but my drawing is going poorly due to horrible horrible writing. You can draw a funny comic with no words, but if you have poor words, no skill at drawing is going to save you. It’s a work in progress.

So yes, lots of idiocy on the internet and lots of life is odd comics until i get my shit straight.

Today we’re getting a bit of snow (this is not the global warming I signed up for) and possibly some ice tonight, so I’m hoping to hit the mall and save the economy before dinner. We also just got new bookshelves – big ‘uns – so that might be tomorrow’s project, before or after the football game.

The Eagles somehow weaseled their way into the playoffs and I feel obligated to at least watch. I’m not sure it counts as being a bandwagon fan when a) I watch all their games anyway, and b) I’m watching out of morbid curiosity more than a desire to see them win.